AGAIN, Jannatul Baqee has been violated!

When will this Opression end? Jannat Al Baqee walls have been Blocked!!


A visual report of protests around the world to demand rebuilding of Jannat Al-Baqee

Protest – The path of Ahlulbayt AS

- by Seyyid Mohsen Rizvi As the Day of the demolition (اِنْهِدَام) of Jannat ul Baqee approaches and we are getting ready to stand up against the kingdom of evil, and protest in front of the Saudi Embassy in DC and in other places around the world, let us examine how...

Where are the Baqee Defenders?

By: Jerrmein Abu Shahba   On the Day of Resurrection, the idea of Nedaa نداء  (call or cry) will exist where a caller from the angels would call out with certain slogans or summon a certain group of people. The call will be heard by all creation since the inception of...

Jannatul Baqee: Preserving our Heritage

by Alamdar Rizvi   The preservation of the sacred burial sites in Jannatul Baqee is of paramount importance to all believers of the Shia faith. It is the cornerstone of our belief system and must be our number one priority at all times. The stand for Jannatul Baqee...


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