AGAIN, Jannatul Baqee has been violated!  The Saudi Regime has blocked off the view to the graves of The Most Holy Personalities. This is a direct insult to all Zawwar of the World. Until now, the regime has been systematically erasing the places of historical importance and grave sites of Personalities that have given us Islam. We request  you to NOT remain SILENT. Please join us in a letter campaign to this Brutal Regime of Saudi Arabia.

Please Utilize the below Content and approach your local Saudi Embassy.

To the Saudi Government,

SHAME ON YOU!! STOP violating Jannatul Baqee as you have been since 1925. Open the view and doors of Jannat Ul Baqi so zawars from around the world can visit the graves of the Personalities of Baqee. This blockade of the view is a sign of your myopic vision of Islam. I condemn your actions and will hold you responsible against Almighty Allah (SWT). You call yourselves the custodians of the Haramain, start acting as such and stop being the captors of Mecca and Medina. Erasing the historic sites and graves in the name of expansion is not fooling anyone. You want to hide the real Custodians of Islam and replace them with your false grandeur. I condemn your blocking the view of Jannatul Baqee and preventing visitors from entering and paying salutations to the heroes and martyrs of Islam. I, as a visiting Muslim am asking you to straighten up your past and start treating Islamic Heritage with Respect.

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