The cradle of Islamic heritage, relics and shrines lies in the valleys of several middle-eastern countries. The United Nations General Assembly released on February, 2016 a Communications report of Special Procedures.

One of the communication is from OFFICE OF THE HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS as a special report on “destruction of various Mosques and sites of religious, historical and cultural importance in Saudi Arabia.” Attached PDF is a copy of that as well as you may find┬áby clicking this link.

The systematic destruction of all important historical religious and cultural important sites particularly in Saudi Arabia will deprive future generations with tangible references to important facts as well as rob the current generation of the rights to free speech and practice religion.

We urge you to review the special report and pass it on to your circles to make them aware of this important matter. We also urge you to partake in activities and events to preserve, restore and rebuild Islamic Heritage.

The annual rally at Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington DC to demand rebuilding of Jannat-ul-Baqee will most likely be held on Wednesday, July 13th 2016 (8th-Shawwal.) We urge you to attend the rally as well as collaborate with us in these efforts.