Tears flow freely from my eyes still today
The sky burns red, the clouds turn gray

The Arabian desert lies sorrowfully silent
Shaken by the atrocities upon Zahra(sa) so violent

The graveyard of the beloved Prophet’s daughter
Awaits patiently for droplets of water

The one for whom the Prophet would rise
Killed by the usurpers of Fadak to no surprise

With no shade, no protection, no cover
Her grave lies open for all to discover

How unbearable the thought of you crushed by the door
Inflicting pain upon Fatima to the deepest core

May the curse be forever upon those transgressors
They lit the fire, burned the door, those wicked oppresors

Your ribs were broken, Mohsin was killed
Ali broken-hearted remained strong willed

No woman has ever endured such pain
The wounds in our hearts shall forever remain

We will never forget you – O’ mother of Hussain
Your legacy lives through the tears of Hussain

There are no words that can suffice in your praise
The testimony of this lies in the sun’s mighty rays

Fatima you are the heart and soul of Islam
Angels forever give salutation of salam

By Syed Alamdar Rizvi