by Alamdar Rizvi


The preservation of the sacred burial sites in Jannatul Baqee is of paramount importance to all believers of the Shia faith. It is the cornerstone of our belief system and must be our number one priority at all times. The stand for Jannatul Baqee today, is a call for justice and an end to the most oppressive regime, Al Saud, who has been constantly and continuously desecrating the holy graves of the beloved family and household of Prophet Muhammad (SA) since the past 90 years!

On the 8th of Shawwal in the year 1925, the mausoleums in Jannatul Baqee were demolished by the tyrant Ibn Saud, may the curse of Allah (SWT) be upon him. These mausoleums included the tombstone of Imam Hasan Ibne Ali (2nd Imam), Imam Ali Ibne Husain (4th Imam), Imam Muhammad Ibne Ali (5th Imam), Imam Ja’far Ibn Muhammad (6th Imam), as well as the tombs of Janabe Amina (mother of the Holy Prophet), Janabe Khadija (wife of the Holy Prophet), Prophet Muhammad’s grandfather, as well as other ancestors that were buried there.

The desecration of these holy burial sites is a testimony to the oppressive regime of Al Saud. Destruction of these holy sites and of Islamic holy personalities and heritage has been a movement propagated by the Saudi Wahhabis and funded by the Saudi monarchy, the Jews, and Wahhabi supported elements. According to reliable reports of well-known scholars in the present age, what is happening in Hijaz today is an intricate and highly organized conspiracy plotted by the Jews against Islam, under the false banner of Tawheed. The ultimate goal is to eradicate the Islamic legacy and heritage. This evil plot is intended to gradually and systematically remove all traces of Islamic history, this includes tombs of great personalities of Islam including that of the Holy Prophet Muhammad so that ultimately, Muslims will have no affiliation or link with their religious history.

The Al Saud monarchy and Saudi Wahhabis have been perpetrating acts of injustice, violence, oppression, and subjugation against Muslims of all regions for the past several decades! It is time the world speaks out and rises against this conspiracy. On behalf of the entire Baqee organization worldwide, I would request every human on the face of the earth, that is in favor of the preservation of the heritage of any form, to please step up and take a stand! Join us and become a part of history by supporting a movement for the preservation of heritage. I urge every conscientious individual with human value and dignity to join this noble cause, to support the preservation of sacred burial sites, to support the movement against oppression, against injustice, against all forms of tyranny and cruelty, to voice your concerns with us. Each year, the Baqee organization, along with all its supporters from all over the nation, gather together in solidarity to protest at the Saudi embassy in Washington DC, chanting “Al Baqee, Al Baqee, Rebuild Al Baqee”! Please join us this year on June 22nd, 2018 as we stand in solidarity to protest the demolition of Jannatul Baqee and demand the rebuilding of these holy sites!