Baqee organization strongly condemns the bombing of heritage Shrine of Lal Shabaz Qalandar in Sindh, Pakistan. This heinous crime was yet another barbaric act of Wahhabi terrorism at the hands of ISIS. This terror group has roots in Saudi Arabia as they are the staunch followers of wahhabism. Radical Wahhabi ideology has been responsible for destroying world’s religious & cultural heritage sites one sacred shrine at a time, as well as murdering and maiming thousands of Muslims across the globe. Lal Shabaz Qalandar is a personality that is revered by all sects of Islam, including Shi’a, Sufi and Sunni. An attack on such holy sites and revered personalities is an open declaration of war on Islam and all peace loving Muslims.

The Baqee Organization urges all fair and democratic nations to hold Saudi Arabia responsible for inciting communal violence and hatred. Wahhabi extremism has defamed Islam globally. This July 3rd, 2017 we invite all of you to denounce Wahhabi terrorism at Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC. Additional details of the protest can be found on www.baqee.org website.

Baqee Organization urges all Americans to contact their local government representatives to issue strong condemnation on this act and demand action from the government of Pakistan. You can find your local government representatives at this website: http://www.usa.gov/