Al Baqee Organization

Want to know more about Al Baqee Organization and what we do?

Our Vision:

The Al Baqee Organization is a coalition of American Muslims committed to raise awareness of atrocities and attacks on Muslims, Islam and Islamic Heritage.

Our Mission:

A global organization in raising awareness of Islamic heritage & holy sites. The organization strives to preserve existing and restore all destroyed heritage sites, especially Jannat-ulBaqee, a historical cemetery in Medinah, Saudi Arabia, by coordinating with cultural, religious, educational and historical societies around the world.

Goal & Objectives:

  1. Raise global awareness for protection, preservation, & restoration of all Islamic heritage sites for future generations.
  2. Make efforts to protect and stop further destruction of endangered Islamic heritage sites and other religious minorities’ sites in Islamic nations.
  3. Collaborate with UNESCO to include Islamic heritage sites in the list of World Heritage Sites.
  4. Be the central resource in all matters pertaining to the rebuilding of Jannut-ul-Baqee and other Islamic heritage sites.
  5. Organize and mobilize institutions to observe “Baqee Day.”

Al Baqee Organization is growing at a tremendous pace. It has established various chapters across North America and various countries. If you are interested in being a part of this movement please reach out.