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Preservation of Heritage is Safeguarding Our Identity

By:  Jerrmein Abu Shahba Remember when the 9/11 events took place and the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists who hijacked two planes causing its collapse within minutes? What was the reaction of the American people during that time and till this day? Outrage, disappointment, grief and more! No one can forget the combination of these numbers 9-11. It was not just a tragic case where thousands of victims who were injured or killed. After all, history has witnessed over time many such tragedies where masses of people are killed or injured in some type of natural or...

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Protecting religious sites – History and Faith cannot be battlegrounds

History is worth protecting, preserving and restoring on the premise that it is! If we were ever to fool ourselves into believing that we could lose some of our past without damaging our collective humanity we might soon wake up strangers into our own backyard. Let’s just hope that it does not get to that. Let’s just hope that organization such as the Baqee in the United States will commend enough traction to rally both public and international to their cause, since their cause is that of our collective right to our collective History, regardless of creed, ethnicity or...

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