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Protecting religious sites – History and Faith cannot be battlegrounds

History is worth protecting, preserving and restoring on the premise that it is! If we were ever to fool ourselves into believing that we could lose some of our past without damaging our collective humanity we might soon wake up strangers into our own backyard. Let’s just hope that it does not get to that. Let’s just hope that organization such as the Baqee in the United States will commend enough traction to rally both public and international to their cause, since their cause is that of our collective right to our collective History, regardless of creed, ethnicity or...

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Baqee Organization’s response to Saudi Arabia’s planned Heritage Vandalism of 400 year old neighborhood

It is with utmost concern that the Baqee Organization learnt of Saudi Arabia’s plans against its own Shia Muslim community as it is preparing to demolish yet another religious historic site in the name of absolutism and intolerance. “We worry the kingdom will desecrate further holy sites and historical relics just as the forefathers of Wahhabism did when they laid waste to the Baqee cemetery in the holy city of Medinah.” The Baqee Organization calls now for the United Nations and all state actors to intervene in preventing yet another crime against History to be carried out. Read the...

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