Al Baqee Organization

Want to know more about Al Baqee Organization and what we do?

Our Vision:

To be the Central Organization in rebuilding Jannat-ul-Baqee in Medinah, Saudi Arabia. To co-ordinate with other Muslims and Muslim Organizations to help, assist, protect and raise awareness in preventing further destruction of all Muslim Holy sites, mosques and to focus on Rebuilding the destroyed Holy Muslim sites.

Our Mission:

Baqee Organization, a coalition of American-Muslims citizens are committed to raise awareness of the brutal atrocities and attacks on Muslims, Islam and Islamic Heritage sites. We are a Shia Muslim Religious Organization that aims to organize all Muslims and Muslims institutions in North America and globally to educate, communicate and bring attention to the atrocities and destruction committed by the Saudi regime and Wahhabies against the Progeny and the Sahabies of the Holy Prophet in Jannut-ul-baqee and other Muslim holy sites.

Goal & Objectives:

  1. To be the central resource for all Muslims and Muslims Institutions in all that pertains to the matters of Rebuilding Jannut-ul-baqee and other Muslims Holy sites.
  2. To Raise global awareness for protection of all Muslim Holy sites.
  3. To Protest and stop further destruction of all Muslim Holy sites.
  4. To Create a List of Holy Muslim Sites to be protected by the United Nations Heritage Organizaton.
  5. To Organize and Mobilize Muslims and Muslim institutions to observe Yaum-e-Baqee “Baqee day” the world over.
  6. To develop a central format of communication and awareness for all muslim organizations to centralize all baqee and other muslim news, information, protest and rallies.
  7. To Create awareness of the brutality and the systematic destruction of Baqee and other Muslim Holy sites by the Wahhabies and the Saudi Regime through the global media.
  8. To Create immense pressure on the wahhabies and the Saudi regime via their embassies, counsels, human rights groups, United Nations and other respected global institutions by staging rallies, protests, media dispatches and global observance of Yaum e Baqee “Baqee Day”.

Al Baqee Organization is growing at a tremendous pace. It has established various chapters across North America and various countries. If you are interested in being a part of this movement please reach out.